What sets us apart

How do we fill the gap?

Connecting the dots. Drawing a line (of logic) from one point to another (with the dots representing data points) in order to create a picture.

This picture, when viewed from up close, and before connecting the dots, is confusing mass of disconnected data and information. When viewed from a distance (after applying intelligence), it creates a clear picture of the subject.

Background Italia adds value by providing this: Helping the client find the dots and connecting them, in order to have clear picture of the subject (physical person or legal entity) and to be able to make business decisions with full awareness.

Which gaps?

We are the missing piece, the path from data to information. Our analysts, with the help of ad hoc tools, are able to give the client the added value that represents the real difference between “believing” and “knowing.”
Years of experience with Italian and foreign clients and a command of foreign languages (English, French, and Spanish) enable us not only to communicate with clients and partners but to become closer to them, narrowing linguistic differences and facilitating exchanges of information.
Our knowledge of foreign cultures and working practices in countries that are geographically and culturally distant enables us to communicate more effectively and to respect the laws of each country.
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