The world of corporate investigations

What are corporate investigations?

The term corporate investigations includes all the investigations that can be performed with the aim of protecting company assets and minimizing risks deriving from potentially inappropriate or harmful acts by third parties.

We help managers, lawyers, insurers and other professional clients, supporting them with investigations related to IP and brand protection, unfair competition, insurance frauds, security management, litigation and asset searches.

Why is it useful?

Corporate investigations carried out preventatively can be a useful tool in protecting the assets of the company as well as business continuity, providing access to detailed information on which to base business decisions.
In cases in which overconfidence, lack of information, or an unexpected change in economic conditions could lead to a loss for the company, in terms of foregone profits, economic losses, or a leak of confidential information, it makes sense to conduct in-depth investigations which make it possible to know the capabilities of the subject who caused the loss and the possible ways to recoup the loss.
We always pay particular attention – also because of privacy laws – to how much information is needed to produce a useful result for the client. The methods used and the amount of information collected should be in proportion to the problem in order to control costs and stay within agreed budget limits.
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