How to understand if your candidate is the right one for you

What is pre-employment screening?

Widely practiced in the English-speaking world, pre-employment screening is increasingly used in Italy, as well, and Background Italia is an Italian market leader in this sector.

We support HR managers and employment agencies, offering a support tool for the selection process aimed at minimizing economic risks and reputational damage that could derive from hiring a new employee.

With full respect of Italian privacy law, we analyze CVs both at junior and senior/executive level assessing the correctness and completeness, professional references, the reputational feedbacks and anything else that could be useful in forming a comprehensive picture of the candidate.

Why is it useful?

Job candidates often omit things from their CVs. In some cases, this is because the candidate doesn’t feel the information is relevant but the omission could also be aimed at hiding something. In other cases, it’s possible that the information was “forgotten” deliberately because it indicated a problem (possibly serious, possibly not) during the person’s career.
Inaccuracies in a CV can be explained in many different ways. The candidate may have embellished the CV by inflating job titles and descriptions or may have included incorrect language in an effort to entice (or mislead) the head of HR.
At times when the supply of labor exceeds demand, some people without university degrees are tempted to insert them in the CV. This can be done by candidates who never finished their studies and by ones who never started.
Companies going out of business or drastically reducing their headcounts (through dismissals, layoffs, etc.) are a well known phenomenon. It’s also not unusual for a talented young person to give up a secure job to look for something more stimulating. But it is also possible that a job has ended for more delicate reasons which the candidate might deliberately fail to mention.
A person who should be studied and known for what he or she has done or will do. It’s necessary to go beyond the CV – the formal presentation of the person – by gathering information directly from people who have worked with the candidate, people who can describe strengths and weaknesses.
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