Much more than the web reputation

What is press e web reputation

In-depth and evolving knowledge of new media, including the web, social networks, blogs and digital databases, together with the privileged access  to local and national newspaper and magazines archives allow us to provide the client with both historical and up-to-date information on the individuals and entities that are being profiled.

The professional use of these tools allows Background Italia to present the client with reports that include newspaper articles, videos and data that would otherwise be inaccessible, affording a better, overall picture.

Why is it useful?

The thoughtful collection of information from local and national media outlets, from the internet in its many forms (not just Google but also other search engines; not just the best-known social networks but also specialized ones, etc.)
Articles, pages of newspapers, court decisions, government tenders, criminal convictions and any other kind of important information related to the goals of the research delivered as found with clear information on the origin including names and dates of publications.
Nowadays everyone is able to do research on the internet but there’s a fundamental difference between doing it as a ”hobby” and doing it professionally, day in and day out, on different subjects and names. To know the web, its rules, its variations, and right search methods is the starting point for accurate research, to which is added capabilities regarding specific web sites, news aggregators and “back doors” to find results that are not always visible (e.g., because of the recent “right to be forgotten” law).
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