Who is Background Italia

We are the leading Italian investigative firm in terms of international expertise, specialized in Due Diligence and Pre-Employment Screening.
Forty years of experience and daily investigations in such countries as the United States, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal:  This enables us to count on tools coming from different cultures and legal systems and to approach each case with a broader vision.
Our operational ability in Italy and abroad is guaranteed by a network of carefully chosen contacts, the product of personal relationships developed at international conferences on investigation and intelligence.
Our team, knowing the legal and linguistic differences among the various countries, is able to explain them to the client through carefully written reports in Italian, English, and Spanish.
We take an in-depth look at individuals and legal entities, going below the surface, avoiding the stereotyped approach of the “traditional” investigative agency and acting as your corporate intelligence partner.
We believe that taking care and personal attention in the drafting of every report is the best we can offer: knowing that top executive and major law firms base important decisions on the findings of our reports is for us a source of pride and motivation.

The choice of the logo

Two colors:  Red and green.
Two arrows which point in opposite directions.
Red and green, recall the Italian flag, symbolize our roots and our deep knowledge of the domestic market, also refer to two specific moments.
Red is associated with the arrow that points backward, towards the background, the past of a person or a company, to be evaluated carefully in searches for red flags and critical points.
Green, the arrow that points forward, represents instead what we call the “green light,” the guarantee that one can proceed serenely in decision-making after having verified the background.

Our history

The new face of an old firm.
Background Italia is formed by people and relationships.
The same people who gained years of experience at Euro Investigation, an investigative agency active since 1972 in its original location in Milan.
Always at the side of law firms, multinationals, and important global investigative firms we have contributed with precise and in-depth investigations of individuals and companies.
A new project.  Growing together with our clients and international partners, in 2015 Euro Investigation becomes Background Italia.
This brand signifies the development of a new investigative structure.  It represents a broader vision, rooted in historical experience dating back to the 1970s, but able to respond to the needs of an increasingly international clientele.

International Associations

Intellenet – International Intelligence Network
  • April 2015 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • April 2014 – San Juan, Purto Rico
  • April 2013 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
CII – Council of International Investigators
  • October 2015 – New Delhi, India
  • September 2014 – San Francisco, California
Wad – World Association of Detectives
  • August 2013 – Rome, Italy
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