Who we are

We are Background Italia, a leading Italian intelligence firm with over 30 years of experience and global outreach. We provide intelligence support to clients in the legal and financial industries before, during and after having engaged with third parties. We do so by combining the expertise and professionalism of a global firm with the flexibility and responsiveness of a boutique. Our global network enables us to carry out operations anywhere in the world.

Where and what

We source, retrieve and analyze data points with the aim of providing a contextualized picture of the reputation of a third party. In doing so:

  •  We help international investment funds stay compliant with local and international regulations when carrying out transactions across multiple jurisdictions.
  •   We help global corporations make informed decisions by executing due diligence-focused investigations that identify potential issues concerning a third party before, during or after a relation has been initiated.
  •    We help legal firms in the development of their case by providing ongoing dispute and litigation support, enabling them to keep a dominant position throughout the process while staying compliant with regulations regarding information retrieval.


Background Italia's core team boasts a variety of skillsets and areas of expertise in the investigations field.

  • Ono Cappiello
  • Alice Cappiello
  • Lorenzo Fregosi
  • Gabriel Prieto
  • Veronica Pirovano
  • Emilia Catalano
  • Cinzia Maestri
  • Marta Marelli
  • Camilla Vianini
  • Surveillance Team

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